If I could turn back, I’d go back when I could’ve took the opportunities that would’ve lead me where I wanted to be.


seems like it’s changing between us or maybe it’s just me. I’ve been feeling lost lately, like empty. I’m so lost physically and mentally.

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Real talk,

I need some sex.



(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ my mac works.


😳😳😳😳😳😳😳👌😍 LOOOOOL

Feeling some way.

times when I fall outta place, I pick myself up and tell myself I shouldn’t give up.

Sucks but sometimes I feel like you can’t even depend on friends, they won’t always be there for you. You gotta do shit on your own.

Who’d knew,

life would be so difficult. Take me back to those younger days.

She’s the one who stole my heart,

All the doubts that I had and I never knew I’d fall for someone like this. It’s been a long bumpy, down & up pathway for us but we manage to keep what we have strong. Even the distance between us can get to us two. Cause even though she’s one state up about two hours away, she doesn’t hesitate to hop onto the car and come see me. My eyes always been open up but I tend to seek into the ones I should’ve never looked into. This one though… She’s the one. Made me learn a lot, like how it feels to be deeply in loved, and cliche as it may sound, I cherish every second, minute, hours, and days with her because that girl there makes me happy & that’s what I need, someone like her.


Vertical blog 

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Days when you feel like life has no meaning. Sucks.

I fucking hate liars. Worst part of it is when you catch em and they know they’re wrong.