Falling in love is a serious thing.

Fuck today.
I’m tired,

tired of people who don’t keep their words. Why say it when you don’t do it.

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I don’t even feel special to you anymore.

Rule in a Relationship,

you open up to each other. No matter what.


If it wasn’t for the one’s who helped me throughout these times, I don’t know how I would be living the way I am now. It’d be a way different type of chapter for me literally. I really appreciate everyone who has been giving me a hand, even for the little things. I wish I can give back more than they gave to me but sometimes I feel like the best I try to give back is not as equal enough. Now that I gotten where I’m at, I should give more back even if it takes me down back where I started. I swear I will.

Ready for Zombies.

Measure life by what you have, not by what you don’t.

Nights like this,

can’t sleep at all. Just up thinking about life. Stressful but I still gotta keep pushing through.

Damn shawty.

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Bucket list,

•new car
•music equipment
•smith&wesson VE 9mm
•finish up my right arm sleeve